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Specializing in mindful fundraising and philanthropy strategy

Three Stones Consulting is where energetic creativity and originality meets results-oriented experience

About Us

Three Stones Consulting LLC is a fundraising and philanthropy strategy firm. Our mission is to make the world a better place by empowering the nonprofits and social enterprises that enrich our communities and by igniting the spirit of philanthropy.

Three Stones clients have found that our methods make a difference in their organizations, winning us praise for our cutting edge fundraising techniques, innovative strategies, and a collaborative approach coupled with years of multifaceted nonprofit and business experience and savvy.

Our Holistic Approach

Three Stones Consulting takes a holistic approach to working with nonprofits and social enterprises by integrating the tools of Mindful Fundraising in all of our projects. As fundraising can be affected by many factors from strength and impact of programs to commitment of staff and board, we look at the entire organization when addressing fundraising issues and developing solutions. This is achieved by taking the time to listen to our client’s needs, understanding the organization as a whole system, building a trusting relationship and working with mindfulness throughout the entire process.

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