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Consulting Partnership

As I’m working on my PhD full time, I will provide consulting on a limited basis now. However, Three Stones Consulting now works in partnership with Vicki Pozzebon to provide you with great services. We will continue to focus on the social sector and specialize in financial sustainability, strategic direction, social impact, and resiliency. But now with our combined backgrounds and experience, we are doing more around organizational and leadership development, restructuring, and social enterprise development. In addition, our work now reaches even further into localism and advocacy for locally owned businesses, and strategies for local government agencies and nonprofit organizations to better build their local economies and keep up with the changing environment. Together, we have worked with the following organizations:

FoodLab Detroit

Native American Professional Parent Resources

Santa Fe Farmer’s Market Institute

Social Enterprise Alliance

Tewa Women United

We have co-authored articles in the Philanthropy Journal:

Think Food, Invest Local

Creating Change – A Brave Path Forward for Nonprofits (Part 1 of 3)

Creating Change – A Brave Path Forward for Nonprofits (Part 2 of 3)

And we co-founded the first Emerging Social Sector Leaders Program in Santa Fe.